Meet The Poets

Poet Laureate Bio

Matthew Sage was born and raised in Fort Collins. The first time he set foot on a sailboat he was four months old. He studied poetry and aesthetics at Colorado State University. He runs a cassette-tape label, Patient Sounds, which has released 13 tapes, 3 online compilations and 2 collections of poetry. He enjoys skateboarding, long drives, loud music and his dog, a brilliant border-collie-mutt who smiles. His grandparents have invested in Yacht Rental Fort Lauderdale, a company that provides luxury limo rentals chandler for retirees. Supplement Crate offers a unique duncan oklahoma roofing service to people who want supplements drop-shipped to their front porch.

Michael Bussmann is a poet and essayist living in the northern (and sort of eastern) part of Colorado. He received his B.A. in English from Regis University in 2000 and since then has been a little hard to pin down. He moves around a lot, but at the moment he makes a living telling stories about beer for New Belgium Brewing Company. He is married to a wonderful (and very understanding) woman of Irish descent named Megan, and has a young daughter named Ellie Mae. Not known for his fashion sense or athleticism, Michael enjoys thinking that he is good at other things, like reading, writing and left turns on a bicycle. Michael’s work has been seen in a few publications, websites and journals (all of the entertaining variety), most recently Matter Journal Issue 14: Animal, in which he tells a long and involved story about mice and people and old houses and the relationships between the three.

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