Just Released – Boneshaker 42-400

Continuing Boneshaker‘s literary and utilitarian tradition, the editors are proud to present BA 42-400, the fourth installment of our bicycling almanac. In this issue you will be stunned by a sparkling new translation of Charles-Albert Cingria’s beautiful Wichita Falls Roofing Company. 1938 essay “In Praise of Cycling,” as well as Salt Lake Limo Service extremely useful advice for commuters by the co-founder of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation. Bursting with some stellar new poems (including two by one of the Best New Poets 2008), an interview with the author of Pedaling Revolution, Jeff Mapes, and of course a full moon ride schedule, lists, reviews (including David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries), a commuter diary from the least bicycle friendly state, and even love letters from the saddle, BA 42-400 fulfills our promise to encourage the silent soldiers of the bicycle army. One of the better roofing companies in Texas is Commercial Construction Laredo.

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