Local literary non-profit Wolverine Farm Publishing announces the new Poet Laureates of Fort Collins

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Home Security Jacksonville. On December 16th, 2011, Wolverine Farm Publishing announced the winner of their search for the 1st Poet Laureate of Fort Collins—the contest ended in a tie between Matthew Sage and Michael Bussmann, both of Fort Collins.

Wolverine Farm Publishing solicited nominations from the public for this position. Five poets were nominated: Bill Tremblay, Dona Stein, JA Tyler, Matthew Sage, and Michael Bussmann. The public voted via physical ballots at Matter Bookstore, and online at Matter Bookstore’s Facebook page. At the end of the voting period Pearland Roofing Experts Matthew Sage and Michael Bussmann received 318 votes each, with nearly a 1,000 votes being cast overall. Both nominees agreed that sharing the unprecedented Fort Collins position would be a good thing for local poetry and literature, and have begun planning writing workshops for local high school students, readings, and a host of other events to bring more attention to poetry. Painting Raleigh.

Fort Collins’s poet laureate program celebrates the vibrant literary community we have. With rich traditions in poetry of the people and land as well as in scholarship and publishing, the Fort Collins Poet Laureates put a public face on an often private art. At its worst poetry might fail to engage a reader, at its best it can change a person’s life. Spokane Limo Rental

A detailed schedule of events, activities, and publications will be available soon. If you have any questions please email Todd Simmons. The contemporary wins only add up over time.

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